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Even though the music of Shaapit doesn't quite go all the way in meeting the good expectations that one had from it, there aren't any songs that are a turn off either. Yes, mind-blowing chartbusters are missing in this Chirantan Bhatt album but still at least a couple of songs like 'Chaahata Dil Tumko' and 'Shaapit Hua' do manage to make a good impact. These two tracks should be harnessed to the fullest to help the album register good sales since there is still a month to go before the film arrives in theatres.

From this point on Chirantan Bhatt and Sameer take over the proceedings. To go with the title and situation of the song, 'Ajnabi Hawaayein' has a whiff of air brought alive at the very opening moment. Shreya Ghoshal gets into the 'Gumnaam Hai Koyi' mode for this quintessential 'bhatakti aatma' song which is just perfect for the kind of situation one can expect in the film. There is an element of horror and love interspersed with each other in 'Ajnabi Hawaayein' which automatically transports a listener to a 'veeran jungle' with a haunted house somewhere in the background. Strictly situational!
1)Ajnabi Hawaein Bekrar Bahein / Chirantan Bhatt, Shreya Ghoshal
2)Chaahta Dil Tumko Tum Nahi Jaante / Aditya Narayan, Suzanne
3)Kabhi Na Kabhi To Miloge / Aditya Narayan, Suzanne, Chiranta
4)Tere Bin Jiya Na Jaye / Najam Sheraz
5)Kabhi Na Kabhi To Miloge / Aditya Narayan, Suzanne, Chirantan
6)Hayaati Ye Hayaati Kehati / Chirantan Bhatt, Hamza Faruqui
7)Shaapit Hua Kya Kya Hota Hai / Aditya Narayan, Sunidhi Chauha
8)Kabhi Na Kabhi To Miloge (Rock) / Chirantan Bhatt, Aditya Naraya

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