Mesham [Aswini, Bharani, Krithigai (Padam 1)]

[Aswini, Bharani, Krithigai (Padam 1)]
Guru Bring Cheers: Unlike last year (2008-09), when Guru was in 10th house (Jeevana Sthanam) you might have had a troublesome life, this year Guru Peyarchi (Dec 2010) will bring cheers to your life, as guru is moving to 11th house (Labha Sthanam). 
Last year analysis: Last 1 year, Guru was in 10th house i.e., Jeevan Sthanam. Hence, in accordance with the house, you might have had a troublesome & turbulence life. You might have gained few things here and there, but as a whole it was not peaceful. Expenses might have mounted and you found it difficult to control as the earnings was not equal to the expenses. Employees & artists never got their due share. Women might have problems in the family and health related problems. Child health & education were not 100% perfect. Few might have lost their job also. Business was not all that good and eventhough it was running, the profit was declining but the expenses were increasing esp. salaries and running cost. Even few had a tough time with respect to retaining of employees. Eventhough, the inflow was not good, the outflow of money was unstoppable. Even for ordinary disease we might have spend more than required. In general, you might have forgotten the meaning of happiness and comfort but still were able to manage as this is the quality of Mesham (soft yet steady). It was one of the worst period for people of Mesham as the bad things were weighed more than good things during the last 1 year. (To read&Hear Guru Gayathri: GURU GAYATHRI)

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