Guru Peyarchi 2010

Guru Peyarchi 2010
Guru Baghwan takes a retrograde course into Kumba Raasi on 02-11-2010.  He traverses in Kumba Raasi until 04-12-2010 and takes his regular transit into Meena Raasi on 04-12-2010

Guru Peyarchi (retro transit) takes place on 07-11-2010 according to Suddha Vaakiya Panjangam (Paambu Panjangam). 

The same is calculated to take place on 02-11-2010 as per Thirukkanidha Panjangam (according to my own calculations).

There are several Panjangams available both in Suddha Vaakiyam and Thirukkanidham versions.  There might be slight difference in the date and time of Guru Peyarchi from one Panjangam and the other.

Similarly, according to Suddha Vaakiya Panjangam, Guru Peyarchi (regular transit) takes place on 21-11-2010 and the same is on 04-12-2010 according to Thirukkanidham System of Panjangam.

Ignore this difference for the purpose of General Predictions of Guru Peyarchi.  Let us proceed with our predictions as if the regular Guru Peyarchi into Meena Raasi from Kumba Raasi takes place on 04-12-2010

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